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spacerspacerTwinkle's Party  Title Graphic
Twinkle at the Brewery

Months imagining...

Months cutting...

Months gluing...

What else are you going to do after all of that but have a party!

Artist Nicole Goldman decided to introduce her new art car, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Car" by throwing a party at the Saint Arnold's Mircobrewery and inviting all of her art car friends.

Saint Arnold's is one of the very few places that welcomes a car as a special guest...

Twinkle rolled into the guest of honor spot right next to the special brewing tanks, her sparkling sheen matching the silvery tanks quite nicely.

Beer a plenty that April Saturday evening, even a sneak peek tasting of Saint Arnold's up and coming root beer...

All glasses were tipped to Nicole's new work of art!

David Goldman spacer

Ten years after Nicole Goldman drove an art car in the Art Car Parade and seven years of driving
The Cat's Meow, Nicole knew she wouldn't be happy driving a "normal car."

She knew that she would somehow have to transform her current ride into something more interesting than a little red Honda.

Nicole had previous experience using CDs as a medium and decided to cover the entire car with them.

As it turned out, she used over 200 pounds of CDs, some whole, some carefully broken into pieces, and several hundred ounces of silicone to cover that car not once but at least twice maybe even three times as the CDs are glued in layers...

Husband David helped create the car by breaking CDs into pieces, by feeding the artist great food during long work hours and by offering up the his car as the willing subject!

David also helped celebrate at the party by sampling all of Saint Arnold's brews, in abundance.

Nicole Goldman

Twinkle Twinkle Little Car is truly much more than just the sum of all her parts.

She is special.

This car attracts all kinds of attention. People point, stare in wonder, smile in amazement, give the old thumb's up...

That once quick trip to the gas station turns into a 15 to 20 minute adventure with all kinds of interesting people.

One man was so excited by the car that he approached Nicole in the parking lot and asked to touch her...

Perhaps he hoped that some of her creativity would rub off on him.

Or maybe he just couldn't believe that any of it was real.

Now when people ask, "Why'd you do that to your car?"

Nicole replies, "It's the only way I can get away with wearing sequins in the daytime."


Send email to Twinkle at twinkle@chefdave.com

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