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Art Car Joy Rides
on the Information Superhighway

We've organized these links into six categories:

Art Car Web Sites -- photo exhibits and other collections of pictures and stories about a variety of art cars

Art Car Web Pages -- photos and stories about individual art cars.

Art Cars at Burning Man -- art cars in their natural urban environment: Black Rock City

Art Cars at the Orange Show Art Car Weekend -- art cars at their annual convention in Houston, the largest confab of art cars anywhere in the world. Takes place on the second or third weekend of April each year. Ya gotta go!

Art Car Events -- Minneapolis, San Francisco, St. Louis, Portland, Cedar Rapids and more

Art Car Web Sites
photo exhibits, event news, and other collections of art car pictures and stories

Funomena - Weird and Strange Mobile Museum
by GA Siwek

Art Cars -- an introduction and appreciation from Michael Everett Burns

Artcar Hyperboard -- Victor Engel's most excellent message board for anything and everything related to artcars.

BMW Art Cars -- Warhol, Fuchs, Lichtenstein, et. al. with Beamers and an expense account

Cacacheenahville Department of Transportation -- home of The Minneapolis Motorized Museum of Buddhist Art and a very cool gallery of other art cars from the Minneapolis area and beyond

Cash Cowboy
Charles Linder

By Kiaralinda and Todd Ramquist

World of Wonder'n
Art Cars in North Texas

The Houston Art Car Museum -- Jim and Ann Harithas also created this wonderful museum to house their permanent collection of art cars. They also host special exhibitions of art cars and art car photography besides throwing some fabulous parties here. The incredible exterior was designed and installed by renowned art car artist David Best. Don't miss this if you're ever in Houston!

Art Car Web Pages
photos and stories about individual art cars

Big Horn
By Hyler Bracey

The Star Trike
Loch David Crane

The Boatmobile -- Bob Sokol has a Karmann Ghia. He had a boat. He discovered that they were made for each other!

Cyberbuss -- aimed at taking the Internet to the most remote places on earth, the Cyberbuss mission is to "connect, communicate, educate, entertain & enlighten." Kinda like an art car rave with a strategic plan by merry pranksters from the digital domain near San Francisco. Great site!!

Ed's Art Car -- a favorite of Calvin and Hobbes fans brought to you by Ed and mediadog

Extremo the Clown -- Scot Campbell (aka Extremo the Clown of Portland Oregon) has been building and driving Art Cars for 17 years. His site has several pages showing a written and pictorial record of some of these cars.

Hamburger Harley -- flagship vehicle of the International Hamburger Hall of Fame

Let There Be Light -- art car created by Victor S. Engel. How does Victor make the lights go around on his wheels? You can also get postcards here.

Ocean Gallery -- an environment on the boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland that's home to two art cars: a BatMobile and a CowCar

The Party Car -- in the style of Jackson Pollock by Conrad Jay Bladey

The Sticker Car -- art car as poet/poet as art car by Conrad Jay Bladey; includes an appearances calendar

TechnoCar -- the latest in high tech automotive madness from Mediadog

The TeraByte Car -- it's another d-d-d-digital art car ('81 Granada) covered with ~1700 CD-ROMs by the artist formerly known as Kelly

THE ULTIMATE TAXI -- here's the real thing! Must see!!

The Wacky Tropicar -- a perfectly resaleable 1984 Toyota SR5 with a chrome mannequin bolted on the roof in a little beach scene

Whip It! -- Godfrey Daniels' art car saluting Herb Albert's "Whipped Cream and Other Delights." This is the story of the making of Whip It! and its journey to the 1997 Orange Show art car weekend in Houston, featuring over 40 (!) fast-loading pages of adventure stories and photos about what it's like to Whip It on the Road.

But that's just the beginning. This is also the homepage for "One Thousand Years of Godfrey Daniels," a rolicking site that chronicles the travels of a now thoroughly cracked Wagner through time and space (last seen on Mars) and numerous other important cyber persons, places, things and events noteworthy and otherwise.

You'll also want to visit The Cardhouse, the e-zine that publishes each and every one of Godfrey's Thousand Years.

Art Cars at Burning Man
art cars in their natural urban environment:
Black Rock City

Burning Man 1996: Art Cars on Parade -- photos from That Guy's Burning Man journal

On the Road - Burning Man - Primal Playground -- Hot Wired feature with shots of Oh My God, Max and Love 23; also offers a 417k movie...

General Burning Man Info:

Burning Man -- the official web site

The Burning Man Archives -- a great guide to Burning Man on the web

Art Cars at The Orange Show Art Car Weekend

The Orange Show Art Car Weekend -- the official O-Show web site

The 1995 Orange Show Art Car Ball and Parade -- Elaine Richards' account of Houston's annual gathering of the tribes

Art Car Events

Art Car and Alternative Transportation Show Artscape (Baltimore) -- annual arts festival

Seattle Art Car Blowout -- annual summertime art car event in Seattle.

Wheels as Art (Minneapolis) -- annual art car parade produced by Intermedia Arts

ArtCarFest (San Francisco) -- three day art car festival produced by Harrod Blank and Philo Northrup

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