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Nicole was terribly bored driving her husband David's "normal car..." She thought about what she could do to the car for months. Finally, when the weather was just right, she told David that she wanted to cover the car in CDs. He said, "It's already been done." She said, "Not by me!"

Armed with a caulking gun, 378 fluid ounces of 100% silicone for ammo, 200 pounds of discarded CDs for the paint, and a 1992 Honda Civic VX as a canvas, artist Nicole Goldman set out to create an art car, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Car" ...

She ended up creating a master-piece!

Twinkle Side Shot 1Twinkle Hood Shot 1

Nicole used regular sized CDs and business card CDs for the "base coat" after discovering that whole CDs have a better visual effect in direct light. Regular CDs reflect a larger rainbow while the smaller ones reflect smaller rainbows from several directions.

More CDs were carefully scored and broken to create thousands of CD pieces (CD-P-SIS) that Nicole sorted by color and size.

During this process, Nicole and David learned the importance of proper ventilation and how to use respirator gear...

Nicole and David
Twinkle Side Shot 2 Twinkle Hood Shot 2

CD pieces were glued on top of the "base coat" of whole CDs creating waves of color.

This overlapping process took five weeks of gluing to cover the entire car. Virtually every inch of Twinkle is covered, leaving one wondering if this car really was once bright red!

See what Twinkles looks like now on her home page. Remember, pictures are great, but it's nothing like seeing her in person!

Twinkle Hood Shot 3

Send email to Twinkle at twinkle@chefdave.com

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