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I'm Having my Midlife Chrysler!!!
During lineup - Artcar Parade '97

The Penguin Plymouth

1957 Plymouth Belvedere
After spending eight miserable years in a field the car was rescued by longtime Chrysler Club member and expert auto healer, Doug Zan. After applying tremendous amounts of effort, expertise and elbow grease, the car was ready to lead a happier life. Sold in a weak moment (he still wants "his" car back), the Penguin Place became its home.

closeup of doorhandle w/penguins

The Plymouth first appeared in the Art Car Parade in 1992 as a classic (kinda looking like Batman had retired selling Mary Kay), but time and penguins have changed all that.The headliner has been removed; the ceiling instead is now a nice place for fridge magnets, toys and pictures of dear friends. There's also kazoos and slide whistles up there in case of serious traffic snags


The 1996 Art Car Parade marked the Plymouth's 200,000th mile. With some carefully planned driving the night before, the odometer turned over to all zeros during the parade route amid much screaming.

New penguins down the sides! Fortunately the paint and the penguins haven't gotten the car tossed out of the Chrysler Club, where it has been a loyal member (National and Gulf Coast Region!) for the past eight years. Under the penguins the car is being faithfully restored to original (yes, it was pink) even when it might be tempting to update (but ooooh, rear window defrost was such a great idea...)

Now a few more penguins and parades down the road, the car is a hard working daily driver, enjoys smiles at every intersection, accompanied whenever possible by the incredible, indelible sounds of Little Jack Melody and his Young Turks. It seems to have forgotten all about that dreadful weed-ridden field.

the Zenguin adorns the trunk

Visit the Zenquin Website!

The Penguin is Mightier than the Swordfish!

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