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Leopard Berstein is a white Subaru that got its spots when artist Kelly Lyles decided to "go hunting" on the streets of Seattle.

Unlike its four-legged counterpart, this four-wheeled leopard continues to change its spots as more big cats get glued to the hood, more fur grows on the seats and more faux leopard skins emerge in Kelly's wardrobe.

Leopard Berstein prowls the highways all across the country, visiting most of the major art car events.

Leopards and art cars are prominent themes in Kelly's art work. Her latest work is a collection of acrylic paintings of art cars in such surreal settings as the Black Rock Desert and the Dinosaur "park" in Cabazon, California. See Kelly, Leopard Bernstein and her art at the Art Car Fest in San Francisco in September 1998.

rear of car

Here are some important facts to know about leopards:

  • There are over 20 subspecies of leopards, found in both Asia and Africa.
  • Leopards are the widest-ranging big cat, and one of the most adaptable. They can live in a large variety of habitats, from deserts to jungles, and even near large human cities.
  • Eight subspecies are endangered, 4 critically.
  • These cats weigh from 70 to 200 pounds, with males weighing generally a third more than females.
  • Leopards are 10 times as strong as humans pound for pound and can carry prey weighing 3 times their weight into trees.
  • While the North African and Sri Lankan leopards are endangered, in sub-Saharan Africa there as many as 500,000 leopards today.
  • Facts from The Cat House (The Feline Conservation Center) in Rosamond, California


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