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Hex Mex - PA Dutchie
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"HEX MEX" (formerly P.A. DUTCHIE) was created by KATHLEEN PEARSON in homage to the Mexican border where she lives. Inspired by her Pennsylvania Dutch roots, Kathleen spent over 600 plus hours of painting, collaging, and gluing and is still working on her masterpiece.

HexMex side viewThe outside of the car is covered with tulips, vines and leaves hand-painted from a template Kathleen made.

No spray stenciling here!

HEX MEX has 38 authentic HEX signs attached to its exterior accompanied by 6 wood cutouts of Hoofty Women also hand-painted by Kathleen.

The rear window features a panoramic assemblage made from collected sets of nested dolls Kathleen collected from travel all over the USA and Europe, and live cactus growing among glass statues of the Virgin of Guadalupe and various other plastic saints as well as a few objects of glass iconography.
HexMex at Scottsdale Contemporary Arts Museum

The dashboard contains silk flowers and a row of 23 salt and pepper shakers of a Mexican man wearing a sombrero.

It is also covered with Kathleen's personal jewelry that she collected for the past 30 years.

The ceiling of the car is collaged with tulips that she cut out of antique oil cloth from Mexico and glitter paper she found in New York City.

Kathleen and hexMex PostcardAttached to the backseat of the car is a tapestry depicting Holland.

Kathleen has an outfit she wears which matches the tapestry.

Kathleen also designs clothing using imported tapestries
printed with famous faces like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and the Virgin Mary!

email Kathleen at love23@theriver.com

Check out Kathleen's website at http://personal.riverusers.com/~love23/

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