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Harrod's New Book

Harrod Blank's New Book
Art Cars: The Cars, the Artists, the Obsession, the Craft

Whether you have never heard of art cars before now or you have several of them parked in your driveway every day, Harrod's new book is for you. This book offers 144 pages of wisdom, wit and insight on the art car movement written by one who has seen it all.

Harrod continues his tradition of great work by including dozens of artists, hundreds of photographs and even a chapter for those who want to join the movement with their very own creation.

Meet Harrod in Houston on Wednesday April 24th and get him to sign your copy of this wonderful book. He will be at the River Oaks Book Store (3270 Westheimer (713) 520-0061) from 5pm to 7 pm.

You can also order this book directly online through our Giftshop.

Pages from the Book:Skull Car Thumbnail Page 1
Skull Car Thumbnail Page 2
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From the back cover:

Have you ever seen a truck with 1,480 spoons riveted onto it, a car with a working waterfall, or a motorcycle that resembles a hamburger?

Well-known author, filmmaker, and art car visionary Harrod Blank takes you on a tour of more than 100 fantastic vehicles that have been turned into genuine works of art as intriguing as they are striking. Are they symbols of personal freedom, rebellious inventions, or fantasies made into reality?

Pore over more than 300 lavish photographs, as you learn the fascinating stories of the artists behind the designs.

Table of Contents:


Predominantly Painted
Leopard Bernstein by Kelly Lyles
Homage to Timothy Leary by Jeff Lockhead
Lu-Lu by Lucy Harvey
Miss Vicky by Dean Pauley
Mondrian Mobile by Emily Duffy
Patriotic Bus by Paul Pagano
Whimsy by Bill Stevenson
Second Skin
Booga by Daniel Winkert
Brickmobile by Mark Monroe
Thorny Rock 'n Roll by Alex Coward
Cork Truck by Jan Elftmann
Penny Van by Steve Baker
Rocky Roadster by Doug Flynn
Public Display of Collection
Faith by David Best
Love 23 by Kathleen Pearson
Santa Bug by Rockette Bob
Yard Sale by Cass Flagg
Big Horn by Hyler Bracey
California Fantasy Van by Ernie Steingold
Spoon Trick by Elmer Fleming
The Doll car by Coleena Hake and Phillip Estrada
The Peace Car by Uri Geller
Pez Car by Cliff Lee
Just for the Attention?
Cast Me! by Dennis Woodruff
Litter-Bug and Stink-Bug by Carolyn Stapleton
Salvation Mountain Truck by Leonard Knight
Camera Van by Harrod Blank
Pico de Gallo by Harrod Blank
Write On by Lissie Fein and Peter King
TV Truck by Dan Lohaus
Hybrid Motors
Pestilencia by Cheri Brugman
The Duke by Rick McKinney
Mirabilis Statuarius Vehiculum by Scot Campbell
Truck in Flux by Philo Northrup
Suspension of Disbelief
Calliope the CANaloupe CANapillar, world's hairiest limo by Gustine Castle
Land Yacht by Eric Lamb
Rex Rabbit by Larry Fuente
Ripper the Friendly Shark by Tom Kennedy
Skull truck by Julian Stock
Carthedral by Rebecca Caldwell
The Host by Michael Gump
Eelvisa by Shelley Buschur
Casa Linda Lace by Rafael Esparza-Prieto and Jose Barajas
Radio Flyer Wagon by Bob Castaneda
Table Car by Reuben Margolin
Telephone Car by Howard Davis
Trikes and Bikes
Guitcycle by Ray Nelson
Rocket Cycle by Scott McNamara
Hamburger Harley by Harry Sperl
Red Stiletto by David Crow
Inspiration and Influences
The Car is a Canvas
How to Make an Art car
Choice of Canvas
Time and Money
Vandalism and Police
The Elements and Maintenance
Additional Fasteners
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