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33.southernLook 34.heavyMetal 35.accessoRod
35a.caddie 35c.cutlass 35e.impala
mixedMetal 36.draka1 36.draka2
37.lilSplinter 38.splinter 39.bigJ
40.wheels 41.antCar 42.iceScream
44.slugasaurus 45.dana 46.noggin
47.multporpoise 48.trukAnkh 49.galaxie
50.jigsaw 51.trojanHorse1 51.trojanHorse2
52.texasLegends 53.ourNeighborhood 55.dina
56.tortuga 57.batWing 58.handy
63.uncleSam 64.highway 65.mellowYellow
66.jabba 66.bruiser 70.flowerMan

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