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Title for Danger Car

The Danger Car By Reverend Charles Linville

Danger Car exists to serve as a warning to the populace of things that are potentially dangerous or worrisome; hence the outer coating of reflective stripes, twisted metal, broken mirrors, ripples, warning lights and police sirens.

The interior is festooned with matchbook covers, warning tape and bullet casings.

The trunk features a classic scene - a New World Jesus on the Cross warning Little Billy - "Don't try this at home!"

Danger Car's Trunk
Danger Car Postcard

Reverend Bill Dogg is the wearer of many hats. As Danger Dogg, he co-pilots Danger Car with his faithful bipedal companion.

Danger Dogg has been diagnosed with pyrophagia. The purchase of a postcard will help pay for his treatment.

Reverend Bill Ministries is a subsidiary of:
Our Lady of Eternal Combustion
1737 SE Miller 
Portland, OR  97202
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