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cow front

The Cow-de-lac is a 1979 Caddy that was transformed by Sam Draper and Julie Magenis on March 30, 1990. Their pals Mike Trogdon and Ona Adrion pitched in as contributing artists.

The first version of the car was spray-painted, but in 1994 it was sanded and and re-painted. Like most art cars, Cow-de-lac is continuously evolving!

cow interior The car's interior is done in astroturf, and the upholstery is made from feed and potato sacks. Most of the cows are Breyer cows of various ages, and some of them are antiques.

Sam & Julie are from Houston, and the Cow-de-lac is a regular attraction at the annual Art Car Parade produced by the Orange Show Foundation and the Houston International Festival.

The Cow-de-lac often travels to make appearances in parades and festivals. This photo below of Sam and Julie and their car was taken by Harrod Blank on a trip to Louisiana (Harrod is the director/producer of the "Wild Wheels" movie. He's also the art car artist who created "The Camera Van" and "Oh My God!"): cow photo

"We went to Sulphur area for the Arcadian Arts Festival - the one and only. (they didn't have a 2nd annual). In any instance, it was an art car and corvette show and parade by invitation.

Harrod was the Master of Ceremonies, and we became good buddies. Julian from New Orleans was there also. Harrod wound up riding in the Cow-de-lac throughout the parade. It wasn't a giant event, but the food was great! One of the social clubs made pastries, another appetizers, etc. Harrod got into the country spirit and shot alot of detail pictures of the Cow-de-lac.

The most fun, however, was towing the car there. People wrote us messages in lipstick on their windows and made signs to send greetings to us and our car. We almost had an accident with traffic stacking up and kids hanging out the window."

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