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On October 5, 1997, the world tuned in to TBS's National Geographic Explorer for the premeire of Harrod Blank's new documentary Driving the Dream.

Hamburger HarryDriving the Dream is a thirty minute look at the fascinating lives of art car artists.
The documentary begins with an intimate exchange with Hamburger Harry who spent $100,000 to create the Hamburger Harley. Hamburger Harry has a huge collection of hamburger related memoribilia and a website at

Grass BusNext, Driving the Dream takes us to St. Louis to meet up with car artist, Gene Pool. Gene was hired to create a Grass Bus for the St. Louis Cardnals baseball team in honor of the team's new grass field. Gene is a senstive artist, completely dedicated to his craft of growing grass on unusual surfaces. Driving the Dream does an excellent job revealing Gene's passion for his work.

Camera VanThe film also focuses on Harrod Blank and his Camera Van. Thousands of miles and just as many smiles have passed since Harrod first dreamt about a van covered with cameras. The Camera Van captures people's curiosity, amazement and oftentimes guenuine goofiness.

Tidbits of other cars and car artists are sprinkled throught the remainder of the film for an overall glimpse at the zaniness of the art car world.

If you just happen to be at The National Geographic Society, located in downtown Washington, D.C., on March 3, 1998 you can see Driving the Dream for free. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the videotape, a director's cut to be released in the Spring.


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