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Charlie Taylor, Owner

Belinda Front ViewBelinda is a 1960 Ford Falcon covered with so many beads, buttons, and bits of junk that you can never really expect to see each and every piece.

Created over a four year period by artist Ray Chapman and friends, Belinda comes complete with a wild boar, the head mounted on the hood and the butt mounted on the trunk.

There are a variety of totally strange trophies, more stupid slogan buttons than you care to read, BIG steer horns mounted boldly on the roof next to several loud speakers... and all of this is topped off with intricate running lights on both sides of the car.

Belinda is a spectacle, of that there is no doubt. Is it any wonder then, that when Ray Chapman decided to sell Belinda, Tom Kennedy and Shelley Buschur arrived in Dallas with a trailer to take her to a new home in Houston. Several years later, they sold Belinda. Now Charlie Taylor is her proud guardian.

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