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Art Car Funkadelics
The Atomic Dog, One Nation Under Groove
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atomic dog

An art car extension to the Mothership Connection, "The Atomic Dog, One Nation Under Groove" pays tribute to musician George Clinton and his funkadelic band, Parliament. Band members and dogs made of mosaic mirror shards mingle with beaded flying saucers, guitars, drums, and lots of chrome pipes while one big mirrored dog guards the roof.

rebeccaLed by veteran art car artist and teacher, Rebecca Bass, the 2006 Art Class at Waltrip High School created this award winning art car in four short months. Students worked after hours, on weekends, and over spring break to craft this stunning masterpiece. See the Slide Show.

Atomic Dog attracted quite a bit of attention and was a huge hit throughout the entire weekend event. The car even won the Mayor's Choice Award in the Art Car Parade.

Stories about this amazing vehicle spread across the country and eventually reached George Clinton. In June of 2006, funkadelics star George Clinton came to Houston to autograph the car. George and his entourage were very impressed with The Atomic Dog and its creators. They all became instant art car fans!


The event was kept small to allow George to focus on the car, the artists, and the great art teachers who made this incredible piece of art possible. Of those who attended, most people had cameras of some sort and many great shots were there for the taking. Despite the June heat, everyone had a great time!

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whole gang


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