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The AeroCar 600 is a 1959 BMW 600 turned airplane! Created by Dave Major, this little vehicle is as much airplane as it is car. It has a handmade propeller turned by a 12 volt electric motor, a tail from a real airplane and tires from a Beech Jet 400A. It even has a custom dash with a working altimeter, airspeed indicator and aircraft compass!

AeroCar 600

The car is street legal and has a 600cc 2 cylinder air cooled BMW engine in the rear. The front of the car opens up to allow "the pilot" to enter the aircraft.

Front of AeroCar 600

Dave displays the car at a variety of car shows where it is quite popular.
The Aerocar 600 also appears in many art car parades around the country.

The Aerocar 600 was created by Dave Major.

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